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  1. 版本更新

    • The interface used by admins to update user passwords has been improved to prevent accidental changes due to autofill.
    • Improved usage of cURL in the PayPal upgrade processor to ensure that requests are still successful before the TLS 1.2 transition is required.
    • Remove template editor border radius due to Chrome bug with horizontal scrolling.
    • Add autofocus to the full page login form.
    • Prevent image BB codes from being rendered when they couldn't possibly work.
    • Fix issues with the BB code <-> HTML conversion process involving lists within alignment tags.
    • Improved indication when your search failed or did not run as expected due to containing censored words.
    • Allow case insensitive highlighting of non-Latin characters in search results.
    • Limit nesting in the HTML to BB code conversion to prevent stack overflow errors.
    • Fix various issues with thread tag importing.
    • Fix for template modification disabling not working correctly when imported via style XML.