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  1. 版本更新

    • Improved compatibility with upcoming PHP 7.1 release.
    • Add basic email typo detection for specific cases to reduce false positives with StopForumSpam checks.
    • Indicate when a StopForumSpam result is from a general blacklisting rather than specific reports.
    • Disable the rich text editor in Windows 10 Mobile Edge versions less than 14 due to problems using it.
    • Fix a case where changing the price of a recurring user upgrade could cause some existing payments to not be processed correctly.
    • Fix a situation where a user mention in a profile post was not displayed correctly.
    • Fix user mention matching being case sensitive for accented characters.
    • Fix a bug that caused transparent images may no longer be transparent after being resized.
    • Ensure that profile post comments are not search indexed when the containing profile post has been deleted.
    • Do not treat a "-" with spaces around it as a negation operator in searches.
    • Allow some DB methods to work with custom database adapters.
    • Do not show dismissed notices when the forum is closed.
    • Better display of half star ratings in RTL languages.