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  1. 版本更新

    • Workaround a Firefox bug where the Flash uploader shows as an opaque white box.
    • Support redirects in the image proxy and link title conversion process (while maintaining security).
    • Improve autolinking when there are special characters (brackets and similar) immediately after a URL.
    • Maintain ICC profiles when resizing with ImageMagick.
    • Add extra verification to quote alerts to ensure you only get an alert when the quote is attributed to you.
    • The "Facebook Open Graph Logo" style property is now simply "Open Graph Logo" to indicate that it's usage is more generic.
    • Fix an HTML error in editor dialogs.
    • Fix advanced background-repeat CSS being improperly converted to style property values.
    • Add multi-submission prevention to report commenting to prevent accidental double clicks.
    • Change the default user agent on outgoing HTTP requests to indicate XenForo and the triggering installation URL.
    • Adjust the HTTP response code on malformed proxy output requests to a general 400 error to indicate the client sent a bad request.
    • Ensure that when files are dragged into the rich text editor, they are uploaded one by one rather than simultaneously.
    • Ensure that leading whitespace is maintained when pasting preformatted text into the rich text editor.