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  1. 版本更新

    Some of the bugs fixed in 1.4.3 include:
    • Don't show contact details custom fields in the message template when privacy checks are applied
    • Prevent malformed BB code from being used to potentially bypass certain signature tag limits
    • Update Facebook video to use Facebook's new display/embed method
    • Adjusted the timezones phrases to handle changes from the last few years (most significantly in Russia)
    • Change the stats table to store results in a bigint to support days with values greater than 4 billion
    • Fix cached like updates when deleting a user
    • Move IEMobile detection to ensure it is always triggered when it should be
    • Fixed the smilie tabs not working correctly with multiple editors on a page
    • When creating a thread, allow the poll question/answers to be restored from a draft
    • Ensure a username is shown for reports of content created by guests/deleted users
    • Fix alignment of LTR names in RTL languages in Firefox
    • Fix a situations where, with small screens, the visitor tabs would be hidden unexpectedly
    • Do not send thread author alerts when action is taken against a thread redirect
    • Fix the user state not being applied correctly in all cases in the phpBB 3 importer
    • Limit the number of unused attachments deleted at a time to prevent memory issues
    • Prevented tooltip flicker in several places