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  1. 版本更新

    • In certain circumstances, message edits were not subject to spam checks.
    • Remove the hard-coded "Spam" ban reason from the spam cleaner. This now uses the spam_cleaner_ban_reason phrase.
    • Cron entries that are part of disabled add-ons will no longer show a next run time to indicate they aren't run automatically.
    • Ensure that visible staff members are the only ones that cannot be ignored.
    • Fix an issue where custom field values were not always selected properly when editing.
    • Adjust spinboxes to work as expected when mousing into or out of them while holding the mouse button down.
    • Prevent a fatal error when rebuilding attachment thumbnails and unexpected data is found in an image.
    • Improve conversion of certain data in the SMF importer.
    • When receiving a security/CSRF check error via an Ajax request, return a slightly different error message that does not recommend pressing the back button.
    • Ensure that the editor HTML is always synchronized when submitting a form.