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  1. 版本更新

    • Add a CAPTCHA to account confirmation email resending if you've previously requested a resend recently to limit potential abuse.
    • Limit the number of times you can change your email within a short period of time to limit potential abuse.
    • Insert user change log records when two-step verification is enabled/disabled.
    • Log profile post and profile post comment edits to the moderator log for consistency.
    • Improved PHP 7.1 support with memory limit checks and numeric input handling.
    • Allow autolinking to include links containing "[" characters.
    • Allow the bounce parser to identify several other bounce message patterns.
    • Maintain ICC profiles when using the Imagick image processor only if supported by Imagick.
    • Move the Facebook logo sprite to be served locally as the existing URL no longer functions. (Note: this requires a new image within your image path: xenforo/connect_sprite.png.)
    • Add some padding around the message content element to prevent characters from being cut off in certain specific cases.
    • Fix sizing of the attachment thumbnail placeholder for non-image attachments when using a large thumbnail size.
    • In messages, only output the "person" metadata for registered members.
    • If the internal data path is a non-local path, ensure we use a local path for temporary files.
    • Adjust several phrases to use the more general wording of "the site" rather than "the board".