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  1. 版本更新

    • Fix an issue with Chrome's XSS auditor when submitting content using the rich text editor in certain scenarios.
    • Prevent warnings from being inserted in an expired state.
    • Fix a situation where message counts would be adjusted incorrectly when approving a thread while moving it (such as in the spam cleaner).
    • Add "nofollow" to certain links related to the find new system.
    • Adjust the naming of filter list cookies to be shorter and not include query string params.
    • Prevent an error in the RSS feed importer relating to an invalid Atom feed.
    • Prevent the RSS importer from failing to import a feed if the feed contained multiple entries with the same ID.
    • Disable user mention processing within quotes.
    • Adjust attachment translation in the IPB importer.
    • Adjust birth date importing from SMF and process attachment tags to our format.
    • Fix breadcrumb links not pointing to "full" URLs in the help system.