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Custom Tabs 1.6.3


  1. 版本更新

    dded option to set if you want the parent tab to be selected when it or its childs are active.
  2. 版本更新

    Added HTML support (globally) for tabs and childs so now you can use Font Awesome, image icons, etc.

    A bug that caused display problems on tab hover when description was present has been fixed.
  3. 版本更新

    1. Phrase support (use phrase:your_phrase as the title)
    2. Tooltip support (set description to display it in a Tooltip when you hover over tab)
    3. Set to display the dropdown on tab hover, instead of hover over arrow
  4. 版本更新

    I have added user criteria so that you can have more control over the tab user permissions.

    I have added the options to apply inline CSS to change the color and style of the tabs and child links and also open tab/link in new window and nofollow.

    The attributes for the main tabs are applied using preg_replace which I don't like but couldn't find a cleaner method so if someone knows a better approach, please let me know.

    NOTE: Updating to this version requires re-applying the user...