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Zend Redis Cache 缓存 1.4.0

Redis 缓存

  1. 版本更新

    The following configuration keys have been renamed:
    • sentinel_master_set renamed to sentinel_master
    • slave-select renamed to slave_select_callable
    • sentinel_persistent renamed to sentinel, which is now an arrary; ie array('persistent' => true)
    A new option has been introduced:
    • sentinel_master_verify
      • Checks the redis master is actually a master, not required if you are loading from a slave or can accept...
  2. 版本更新

  3. 版本更新

    • Prevent "Undefined index: moderated" error with some custom add-ons when forum count caching is enabled.
  4. 版本更新

  5. 版本更新

    • Correctly use configuration directory argument.
  6. 版本更新

    Support for SVG Template, and aging out cached SVG's on a styel change
  7. 版本更新

    Update bundled credis library to include support for more Sorted Set operations.
    • This feature is not yet used by any of my public add-ons.
  8. 版本更新

    • Improve AdminCP redis stats reporting for non-default redis database index. Thanks @eva2000 for reporting this.
    • Upstream bugfix for calling 'start pipelining' twice.
      • Affects instrumentation or redis proxies, as redis silently ignores the 2nd call.
    • Included example config now includes all possible configuration options with their defaults.
  9. 版本更新

    • 1.1.7 release contained a bug from upstream credis library if a write occurred and then continued to occur. This has been fixed by upstream.
  10. 版本更新

    Exposes if Lua scripting is enabled to allow add-ons which depend on this add-on to conditionally implement Lua scripting.
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