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[HA] CTA FT Layouts 简单更改首页显示 1.2.0

更改 CTA Featured Threads & Portal 的布局

  1. 午夜涩茶
    • 1.5
    CTA Featured Threads & Portal
    使用了这个插件,您可以更改 CTA Featured Threads & Portal 门户的布局,非常简单。 只需选择所需的布局,然后设置其样式属性而已!

    You can see different parts of add-on in screenshots, but here is a list of things:
    • Widget Framework's Widgets
      • Simple
    • Options
      • Layout for Portal page Featured Threads
      • Layout for Forums list page Featured Threads
        • Default
        • Grid View
        • List View
        • Masonry
      • Layout for Archive page's featured threads
        • Default
        • Grid View
        • List View
        • Masonry
      • Enable / Disable Font awesome
      • Masonry Layout Options
        • Enable Interlace
        • Make Grids Same Size
        • Grid Size
    • Style Properties
      • Grid View
        • Enable featured thread information overlay on hover
        • Featured Thread information overlay always visible
        • Display avatar on featured thread info overlay
        • Display feature thread username on feature thread info overlay
        • Display featured thread forum name on media info overlay
        • Display Expiry status on featured thread info overlay
        • Display title in thumbnail container
        • Display description in thumbnail container
        • Display featured thread replies count
        • Display featured thread view count
        • Display featured thread likes count
        • Display Featured thread expiry status
        • Display featured thread date icon
        • Display featured thread read more
        • Show Featured Ribbon on thumbnail
        • featured thread per row (Default)
        • featured thread per row (Wide)
        • featured thread per row (Medium)
        • featured thread per row (Narrow)
        • Responsive Container
        • Responsive Column
        • Responsive Column (No sidebar)
        • Default Image path
        • Title
        • Description
        • Blur thumbnail
        • Blur value
        • Title on thumbnail
        • (Grid View won't show polls on portal page - At least in first version)
      • List View
        • Display Username
        • Display Post / Update Date
        • Display Forum name
        • Display description
        • Display Featured Label
        • Display Read More Label
        • Display Read More on side block
        • Display Replies count
        • Display View Counts
        • Display Like counts
        • Display Status
        • Display Mini Avatar
        • Hide side block (block of stats)
        • (List View shows the polls as it must)
      • Masonry
        • Grid Item - Action Item
        • Grid Item Actions
        • Grid Item Photo Date Text
        • Grid Item Author Hover
        • Grid Item Author
        • Grid Item Date
        • Grid Item Title
        • Grid Item Image
        • Grid Item
        • Shows stats of featured thread at all?
        • Show Avatar
        • Show Username
        • Show Likes
        • Show Replies
        • Show Views
        • Show Date
        • Show Forum
        • Show Title
        • Show Description
        • Show Prefix
        • Trim Title
        • Trim Description
        • (Masonry won't show polls on portal page - At least in first version)

      • (More coming soon...)

    Note: I'm not a professional developer and its not my job. I did it because we needed a new layout in our portal page. So:
    • I don't promise to update it regularly
    • But because we use it in our own site too (not this site. I have another site for years with law subject.), so all reported bugs will be fixed asap.
    • And also good suggestions will be implemented when finding free time to do (but try to do them asap).
    • Because of this, I set it as free add-on.
    • Donations are always welcome. If you want to do so, you can start conversation with me. Or, easily go to my paypal.me page and do it.



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