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BbCodes & Buttons Manager 3.3.4


  1. 版本更新

    • Fix a function that had two times the same argument which was triggering an error under PHP 7. Thanks to Xon and Pegasus
    • Fix url autolinking with special tags (slave tags ; ie {td}{/td}). Thanks to Gates.
    • Add some functions to get the current callback tag processed by the Bb Code callback and not "simply" the actual tag being processed.
      • Fix with these features the function "addTagExtra". Thanks to Xon
      • Explanation: the Bb Code callback has the Bb Code content available. So if the content has some Bb Codes in it, the current Bb Code being processed won't be the callback tag. The addTagExtra function is meant to add extra data to the callback tag, not the actual tag.